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International Financial Corporation (World Bank subdivision focusing on the private sector) on the preparation of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan:

Since most consultations took place during the winter months, a special focus was on enabling the most disadvantaged members of the local community, such as senior citizens, to attend. Vehicles were provided to those who needed them, and younger community members escorted the elderly. Where possible, the consultations were timed to start after the end of the days fishing trips. Time was allocated for the participants to share their problems and concerns. The organisers made sure that all those present were treated respectfully, and efforts were made to reach a consensus. As a result, the meetings turned out extremely long, but people felt that their presence mattered.

See International Finance Corporation. Stakeholder Engagement: A Good Practice Handbook for Companies Doing Business in Emerging Markets 



Sakhalin Is Preparing to Receive Guests and Participants of the 3rd International Folklore of the Paleo-Asiatic Peoples Scientific Conference

The Sakhalin Regional Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, that less than a year ago moved into its own building that provides it with additional capacities for hosting guests, is mastering new relevant work formats. With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Archives of the Sakhalin Oblast, the Regional Centre partnered with Sakhalin Energy under the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan, with the Literary and Art Museum of the Book of A.P. Chekhov Sakhalin Island and KykhKykh (Swan) Centre for Preservation and Development of SIM Traditional Culture, to organise an international-level event: the 3rd International Folklore of the Paleo-Asiatic Peoples Scientific Conference.

The moment when the conference in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk will gather over 40 experts—recognised Russian and foreign scientists, ethnic culture researchers, representatives of traditional cultures and native speakers of indigenous languages—is fast approaching.

At 11:00 on 25 September, the Conference Gala Opening will take place in the Central Hall of the Sakhalin Regional Folk Arts Centre. Only half an hour is allocated for the getting started, a quick music performance and welcoming speeches. The participants will almost immediately dive right into work: they will have four event-packed days ahead of them. The activities of the Conference will focus primarily on scientific research and experience exchange, but the organisers also made time for the island history lessons and getting to know the authentic SIM culture. For these purposes, part of the Conference will take place in Poronaysk, close to the areas of traditional residence and economic activities of Nivkhs, Nanais, Uilta and Evenkis.

The 3rd International Folklore of the Paleo-Asiatic Peoples Scientific Conference is, without exaggeration, a significant event for Sakhalin. To keep up with the vast geography of participants representing various regions of Russia and the world and to learn the presentation topics and speakers, follow the news on the Regional Centre’s web-site. For now we can say that the guests of the event, whom any of Sakhalin residents would welcome with the utmost pleasure and respect, will include Aiza Reshetnikova, founder of the global science’s first specialised international Folklore of the Paleo-Asiatic Peoples Conference. Aiza is a Candidate of Historical Sciences, Honoured Culture Worker of the Russian Federation, Honoured People’s Artist of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Honoured People’s Artist of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Member of the Union of Russian Composers, founder of the Yakut Indigenous Peoples Music and Folklore Museum. She originated the idea to hold the first Folklore Conference and the following year the event received support of the RF Ministry of Culture and was included in the Culture of Russia federal programme.

The big event in the Sakhalin scientific and cultural scenes is almost here. We are eager with anticipation.

(The material was provided by the Sakhalin Regional Folk Arts and Crafts Centre)

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A ceremonial feast of nature renewal Chir Anh, June 11-16 2013

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Received the main award in the all-Russian Corporate Philanthropy Leaders contest in nomination The Best Programme for Corporate Philanthropy Policy and Companys Social Investments Principles

Winner of Vitus Bering International Award

Winner of social investments contest Corporate Donor of Russia 2008

First prize at the Far Eastern International Festival of Indigenous People

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