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It is recommended to actively implement and promote the model of interaction under the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan, being jointly implemented by the Sakhalin Oblast Administration, Sakhalin Energy and the Regional Council of Authorised Representatives of the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities.

From the recommendations for state authorities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation based on the results of parliamentary hearings of the Federation Council Committee on Northern Territories and Indigenous Minorities, 02 October 2008.



Revelations of the Soul

On 8 February 2019, the Nogliki Library reading hall hosted the presentation of the Angela Muvchik's poetry book Revelations of the Soul.

The event had the aura of a cosy, friendly gathering. The poetry reading left a warm feeling in the audience’s hearts. The attendees described the poems as sincere and soulful verses on the nature, life, and issues that interest the debuting poetess. The author answered the questions of the event’s host Tatyana Sitnikova.

Three of the poems from the book were recited in the Uilta language. They had been translated by the great friend of the library, Elena Bibikova, who is always willing to lend a helping hand. This makes Revelations of the Soul relevant not only for the fans of poetry but also for the members of the Uilta people who wish to read in their native language and for those who study it.
During her speech, Olga Rozhnova, Director of the Library, called the book “tender, feminine, and really beautiful”. She stresses that there is very little literature in the Uilta language, and writers leave their mark on history by creating literary heritage of the Uilta and Nivkh peoples. She added, “No one can speak about us, our home and our traditions better and with more tenderness than us.”

Touched by the beauty of her poetry, event attendees asked Angela Muvchik to keep up the good work, continue writing and publishing books.

Both the author and the guests spared no kind words for the employees of the library, who are always eager to assist district residents that come to the library for help. Thanks to them, many exciting initiatives have become a reality.

At the end of the event, the attendees got the writer’s autograph in their copies of Revelations of the Soul they received as gifts.
Revelations of the Soul was published with the financial support of Sakhalin Energy under the Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan.


Печка весело трещит,
Рыбка жарена шкворчит,
На чугунной сковородке
Жарим нежную селёдку,
Чтоб румяная была!
Запах сводит нас с ума!
Запах детства, запах мамы,
Запах рыбки той румяной!
Солнце медленно садится,
Печка наша всё дымится,
Запах детства, запах дыма,
Запах бабушки любимой.
Вот прошла бы сейчас мимо
Наша бабушка любима!
Наклонилась бы над печкой,
И … царило б это вечно,
Бесконечно, бесконечно!
Вот что значит для нас – Печка!
Если наш очаг дымится,
Как у нивхов говорится –
Это значит, что наш род
Будет жив навек вперёд!
Так дымись, родная Печка,
Бесконечно, бесконечно!..

The materials and photos were provided by the Nogliki Centralised Library System

(Municipal Budgetary Institution of Culture)

Deputy Head of the Single Fund Arrangement and Use Department I.V. Krasilnikova

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